The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review

The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review8

Inquisition was the most important game BioWare for all its recent history: “corridor» Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 is controversial (in the final selection of a single crosses all your decisions) greatly undermined the reputation of the studio. Will Canadians to regain the good name, despite the departure of founding fathers – that’s what the fans excited. Doubt, frankly, it was a lot, but the developers have listened to the complaints of fans and increased the production cycle to three years. The result exceeded our expectations – “Inquisition” was not just the most ambitious, spectacular and exciting part of the series, BioWare released the best RPG of the year.

In the third part of the authors returned to the familiar concept: in the center of the story – again elected, which embodies in one person, and the last hope of mankind, and power capable to change the world. Making such a hackneyed cliche sparkle with new colors – that’s true talent BioWare. Inquisitor does not remember where on his arm took a mysterious mark, but he knows how to use it for good.

In the Inquisition as a great evil stands a huge hole in the sky, constantly spewing hordes of demons – and only a miracle-hand (do not laugh), the main character is able to “patch up” wounded skies. It is not surprising that rumors of such a remarkable ability to immediately spread throughout Thedas – here it is, they say, the messenger Andraste that all save! As Shepard, who ignored the Citadel Council, the political forces do not recognize the Inquisitor. However, to make your voice weighty you, in contrast to the same Shepard, still as capable. The challenge, however, is not easy: the sword and need to work, and with the nobility at the ball dance.

The main theme of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Solve worldly problems do not have alone. In Dragon Age: Inquisition: you’ll meet nine companions; you can to miss them or refuse their help - then Inquisitor hold the entire game in the company of Cassandra, Varric and SOLAS. But hardly you will want to build from a touchy. Still, what BioWare has always won over, so it’s careful study of each character, especially teammates hero. With someone you constantly argue, someone will find a true friend, and someone even fall in love - it is simply impossible to remain indifferent!

What are some phrases Gentlemen only, taken out of context: “Do not pay any attention to your ass in the sky, the sun!” Or “Sim Salabi! Obey me, an arrow in the face! “You met her at an even more strange circumstances: robber pulled his pants at the guards, because” Pfft! The guards without pants, count? Ha ha! “At first, I want to rotate the finger to his temple, but worth knowing Woman closer, and immediately becomes clear - it only expresses himself a little more openly than is customary. In eccentricity Sir can surpass even Jack from Mass Effect 2.

In short, make new acquaintances in the “Inquisition” – a separate pleasure. I would like to especially note the achievements of translators: subtitles so accurately conveys the essence of the original, which can only admire. Some have even become a joke funnier in our adaptation: “If you want to ask me? Come On. Loaded vralnik full “- Warrick.

borderland 2

borderland 2

The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review1 The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review2 The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review3 The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review4 The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review5 The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review6 The story of Dragon Age of Inquisition xbox game review8

Xbox 720 for Sale

New Xbox 720 sale

Xbox 720 for sale is what people want for their good live. It is good to find something you want in lower price. There is nothing best that the feeling of shopping things you like but in lower price. This will be awesome and spectacular. That is why people will try to do anything to make bargain for lower shop. Of course this is all you want to have when you buy Xbox 720 that is predicted sold in very high price. Will it impossible to get Xbox 720 for sale? Maybe you can check out some tips provided below you can find your best deal price with Xbox 720 for sale.

Xbox 720 for sale fist tips

New Xbox 720 sale
New Xbox 720 sale

If you are thinking to get lower price for Xbox 720 for sale, they you are better to dream. Why? It is certainly true that your expectation just too much. Well, so we are not talking about great Xbox 720 for sale for 50 or 75% off from the real price. I’d like to give you some tips to buy Xbox 720 with lower price for sure. Well, you may get discount for around 10% only in the sale. As we know that Xbox 720 is the latest edition and generation and most people like to have it no matter so all the sellers must take this opportunity for not giving discount too much. The 10% discount is even quite hard to find, but you can find in online coupon, lottery, or also some special prize as rewards from the quiz.

Xbox 720 for sale on line

Internet is maybe a good source to get Xbox 720 for sale because you can get a lot of offering only in one page. You can find a lot of online coupon online you can use to get Xbox 720 for sale by buying it from certain online store.

Xbox 720 for sale in land based shop

For land based shop the Xbox 720 for sale coupon can be acquired through special quiz or events. The easiest way to the Xbox 720 for sale offer is by attending the official grand launching. If you cannot get the sale, at least you can get nice door prize for guest.

It will be better to find Xbox 720 for sale from online offering. You can look for certain sites that like to give coupon code so you can buy Xbox 720 for sale via online. Attending some quizzes and grand lunching may also open chance for Xbox 720 for sale.




Xbox 720 for sale is what people want for their good live. It is good to find something you want in lower price.

Konami Launch PES 2013 on September 20, 2012

PES 2013

Football game enthusiast would have wanted to play Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2013. Konami will launch PES 2013 on 20 September 2012.

Reported Playstation Life Style, Konami has announced that PES 2013 will certainty be launched on 20 September in the U.S. market, then a day later or exactly on 21 September in Europe.

PES 2013
PES 2013

For starters, the popular football game will be visited gamers in the platform PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions 360m.

As for the PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo Wii and 3DS will have to wait the next scheduled launch is still not confirmed.

The presence of PES 2013 is certainly highly anticipated sports gamer. Especially if you view the competition with FIFA 13 made ​​by Electronic Arts.

Well, this time PES 2013 mentioned will come a week earlier than FIFA 13 that it will be a competitor’s weight.

After the event showcased the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the PES 2013 does steal the show. In fact PES 2013 awarded best sports game titles.

E3 exhibition held at the Los Angeles Convention center last June 5 to 7 featuring a myriad of great game with captivating features, and like the earlier tradition, this annual exhibition also awarded for the best game.
As quoted from CVG, after going through a very rigorous assessment of its competitors, PES 2013 awarded the best sports game on stretcher exhibition. Got rid of FIFA 13 as its main competitors.

“It is very difficult to determine which one is best between FIFA 13 with PES 2013, but features Player ID managed to make players like Ronaldo and Iniesta looks unique, visually although still under FIFA,” said Daniel Dawkins, one of the assessment team.


Please Watch the Video Below if You WAnt to Know More About Player ID


PlayStation 3 Super Slim Released

The New Playstation 3 Super Slim

PlayStation 3 game console get a refresher from Sony. Sony released the PlayStation 3 super slim.

The new version of the PlayStation 3 Super Slim was launched at Tokyo Game Show event is being held in Japan. His form looks pretty good.

The New Playstation 3 Super Slim
The New Playstation 3 Super Slim

The new PS3 Super Slim is 20% smaller in size than the previous PS3 Slim version and 50% more petite than usual PlayStation 3. Apparently, Sony wants to take advantage of year-end shopping season by presenting a new version of the PlayStation.

There are two versions to be sold. In the United States, the 250 GB version priced $ 269 with a bonus game Uncharted 3. Then the 500 GB version sold $ 299 by bundling the game Assassin’s Creed 3.

The PlayStation 3 Super Slim version of the PlayStation 3 will be available in two color options. That is charcoal black and white classic.

The New PlayStation 3 Super Slim Too Expensive

Sony has just released a new PlayStation 3 with a more slender body than the previous series. But unfortunately, this console is still considered too expensive to compete with its competitors.

On the sidelines of the festival Tokyo Game Show, Sony showed off a new PlayStation 3 variants are distinguished in the storage capacity of 500 GB, 250 GB and a 12 GB flash memory use.

Third PlayStation 3 for Sony claimed 50% slimmer and lighter than earlier generations, launched in 2006, and 25% slimmer than the PlayStation 3 Slim introduced since 2009 years.

With his new body, predicted the current PlayStation 3 Super Slim production cost less than the previous generation. But this does not seem to be offset by significant price reduction.

Latest PlayStation 3 500 GB version priced at $ 300, the price is the same as the PlayStation 3 320 GB today. Then for a capacity of 250 GB is bundled with Uncharted 3 and appreciated USD 269, about $ 20 more expensive version of the 160 GB today.

With prices that are considered less fit, the New PlayStation 3 Super Slim is expected to be difficult to compete with Nintendo Wii U in the market.

Ps4 Xbox 720, Who Will be better?

playstation 4

Ps4 Xbox 720 will be the hottest futuristic game console on world. We all know Sonny and Microsoft have been competing for long years in digital gaming world. They develop two hottest console game devices, Microsoft with Xbox series and Sonny with Sonny Play Station. They have coolest games selection and even Sonny provides for handy gaming device with Sony PSP (PS Portable) and also Sonny Xperia (Android Mobile Phone with PS game facilities). And for their next project will be ps4 Xbox 720. Sony, who is like to launch more new products will be proud with their PS 4, but for Microsoft this Xbox 720 is their third generation for Xbox. So, it will be interesting to know more about ps4 Xbox 720.

playstation 4
playstation 4

Ps4 Xbox 720, which has newest technology?

Well, even 720 is the third generation of Xbox and Sony leads with designing 4th generation of Play Station. For people who know nothing about console game may simply judge that Play Station 4 will be the winner of ps4 Xbox 720 competitions. But, actually they will have same sophisticated and latest technology that will be planted in ps4 Xbox 720 games graphic. There is no still review for PS4 but it is true that they will emphasize more touch screen technology on both of the controller and the CD driver.

Ps4 Xbox 720 game selection

For the game selection for ps4 Xbox 720 there will be a lot of more interesting and innovative games for both the manufacturer. But, it is estimated that game for exact Play Station and exact Xbox will be still available for ps4 Xbox 720. But maybe you will have higher game lever and new concept. For example you can play Gears of Wars then you can still play it for next Xbox 720 but in better playing level.

Ps4 Xbox 720 will have special disk

Both the ps4 Xbox 720 will have special disc gaming and selection that is far different from the format of exact PS 3 and Xbox 360 new. This is because ps4 Xbox 720 will use HD game graphic technology with 3D graphics. Even, it is rumored that Xbox 720 will use Ultra High Definition gaming and Blue Ray graphic.

Both of ps4 Xbox 720 will have high technology and make great improvement in console gaming world. That will be awesome to have one of ps4 Xbox 720. Overall, you can still game exciting game experience from both ps4 Xbox 720.




Ps4 Xbox 720 will be the hottest futuristic game console on world. They will have more sophisticated features and extra gaming technology inside.

Xbox 720 Info

new xbox speculations
new xbox speculations

new xbox speculations

Xbox 720 info you need to fins is a very huge work to do. Having more and more information will make you understand whether the products are really good or not. For people who have never had any experiences in console game, especially Microsoft Xbox games, looking for Xbox 720 info is really helpful. That will be so silly to buy things you know nothing about the details. The next question will be how to find Xbox 720 info? Yap, the easiest way is from internet. But, looking via internet is not that easy as you think. Below are several tips you can use when you want to look for New Xbox 3 information via online

Finding Xbox 720 info tips

The first tips to find trusted Xbox 720 info is finding the trusted site. It is not that hard, you only need to open Google and search for official Microsoft Xbox websites. The news and information is more reliable compared to reading in common blog. Even, you can also reach the customer service and marketing by phone and mail. Usually, official site provide this menu and will help you find the reason as quickly as possible. Or else, you can also look for Xbox 720 info in largest forum discussion. The third trusted source is via social networking. For example in Twitter as you can also get link from the official site.

Xbox 720 info

The second tips for finding trusted Xbox 720 info are that you should not only look for the positive news. If you really want to buy something then you will agree about all the benefits and the advantages of Xbox 720. But, if you only do that you only bring disaster to your life. Say, you have to pay $500 for new Xbox 720. But, if you do not have enough Xbox 720 info about disadvantages of Xbox 3, you will feel regretful once you try this machine and find things you do not like.

Xbox 720 info gathers from friends comment

Well, asking to professional about Xbox 720 info and preview maybe hard to do. You can find some preview and brief description in TV, but still you can discuss with the TV host. So, the most feasible things to do are gathering Xbox 720 info from friends who are maniac in game. You can also ask them to compare Xbox 720 with other game console.

Consult with experienced people will give you more detailed Xbox 720 info. Take good use of social networking media to share Xbox 720 info as well. Make sure always update the Xbox 720 info.



Xbox 720 info you need to fins is a very huge work to do. But, internet can help you to save much time and energy.

Xbox 720 in Leaked Document Reveals Planned for 2013

Xbox 720 in Leaked Document Reveals Planned for 2013

Xbox 720: Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last week, not expected Microsoft to provide details about the next version of Xbox 720. However, some allegedly leaked details that give insight to what the company is working behind the scenes. However, that does not mean we will stop to keep us wondering. Yes, a great document had been leak, detailing big plans for the Xbox 720.

Xbox 720 in Leaked Document Reveals Planned for 2013

Based on what has been present as a series of secrets such as concept art, it looks like Kinect v2 will be present. At least Microsoft has been flirting with upcoming product that seems destined to become future gaming systems. Yes, it is a signal to call the next Microsoft console, and it will come in 2013.

In fact, one points of Xbox 720. If leakage is too believe, the new Xbox console will have “Kinect v2″ to be built directly on the console, so do not have any additional devices. Among the enhancements is the ability to track the referenced four players simultaneously, strong integration with other devices such as PCs and Windows Phone, and just all-around performance are stronger.

Of documents including the E3 Xbox TV, which will be present and will fully support the Xbox 720, Xbox 360. In addition, there is mention of Fortaleza “Kinect 3D Glasses” set for 2014 with Wi-Fi and later in the year, 2015 will come with 4G support. Fortaleza seems to be a kind of augmented reality glasses, as has been written in the Xbox Smart Glass.

Another interesting thing mention in the leak of the project Microsoft is Kinect Glasses, which has a hint of Google Glasses in it. With a few solid details laid out, even the Xbox has been rumors about the products that can be play with iPad and iPhone. In addition, this will enhance the experience of interest to the Xbox 720.

When is Xbox 720 coming out?

when is xbox 720 coming out
when is xbox 720 coming out
when is xbox 720 coming out

When is Xbox 720 coming out? No one knows for that and there are still no high tendencies from the creators to make the official infestation. Well, if you really want to know when is Xbox 720 coming out and really available in stores in your states, tracking for update information is all that you must do. Even it sounds simple, many people especially teenager will get bored to look for latest information and real news. They want something instant. There are some tips you can do to find exact date of when is Xbox 720 coming out with fun and easy way.

Online News for when is Xbox 720 coming out

The easiest way to track when is Xbox 720 coming out and when the official date for launching is will be better to do via online. Online facilities are everywhere and even now people can have personal online gadgets like personal modem, full limited internet access in their mobile phone. So, you only need to open the browser and search for when is Xbox 720 coming out date. There will be a lot of discussion and articles posted in blogs, some even provide link to send back email for further questions and provide space to leave your comments.

When is Xbox 720 coming out? Find from social networking

Today, teenager and young people become frankly fanatic with social networking site. Name the best and most discussed social networking like Twitter and Facebook, most people like to have the account for that site includes politicians, artists, and even president. So, finding information via Twitter and Facebook for when is Xbox 720 coming out will be a piece of cake. You can surely follow official Xbox account in Twitter or the fan page on Facebook. You can get detailed information instead of when is Xbox 720 coming out date only and even you can subscribe its time lines.

When is Xbox 720 coming out, find from community

Another best way to find when is Xbox 720 coming out is by gathering with the big Xbox fans community. You can share anything and ask about When is Xbox 720 coming out includes discussing about the spec or what the new technology will be updated.

If you find information for when is Xbox 720 coming out, do not depend with one source only. When is Xbox 720 coming out must be well updated because it still be planed and far away from 2011. Communities may have broader information and channels for When is Xbox 720 coming out.




When is Xbox 720 coming out, find the date by tracking the information via online. Update from their official account for Facebook and Twitter Account.

Xbox Live Update Let’s go Join Now

Xbox Live Update

Xbox Live UpdateXbox live update is what all Xbox live members like to wait. In this New Year, people also expect to get new service or items in Xbox live update. What is Xbox live? Well, this is a special group and online service available by Xbox for their members. You can get information about Xbox games, Xbox new movies, and also other facilities. This service is available for those who are having Xbox machine already in home as they can connected into Xbox Live world while turning on the game and select for Xbox Live menu.

How to get it Xbox live update?

As easy as log in to official Xbox website and choose for join Xbox Live member. There are three memberships for Xbox live update offered by Xbox site. The first is Sign Up for Free User where you do not have to pay anything. Of course you only get standard facilities like download game, try for demo arcade game, buy/rent HD movies, and use the Kinect avatar to chat with friends. Other Xbox live update memberships are Gold for $5 per month and Family Packaging for $8.33 per month.

What is the latest Xbox live update?

Today, we find that Xbox live update service includes the service for movie and mp3 download. It is connected to internet and you can find anything you needed for entertainment spot. You can also use windows based computer to access Xbox live update. The latest format for the movie is HD service.

The new Xbox live update now also designed with new interface and dashboard for 2012. Well, all I can say is that if you need an advance PC-TV with complete entertainment facilities. So, be update for all games and most entertainment videos by signing up for Xbox live update.

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