Best Xbox Live Games

Xbox Live Games

Xbox live games become more and more popular in console game world. Started from children, teenager, until adult, they really love to play Xbox. There are various reasons; the first and most important one is due to the graphic and the game live selection. Some games are patented by Windows and only available in Xbox live games version. So, you cannot find similar game played in Play Station or Nintendo. You can check out top Xbox live games that must be played.

Xbox Live Games

Xbox live games sport games

It is true that PES Soccer game becomes really popular in Play Station and this is the top reason why people want to have Play Station. Do not want to give up; Xbox also creates for Xbox live games sport. The first is NBA Games. For the latest version, we can play for NBA games volume 2 with updated players and top NBA teams. The second favorite Xbox live games sport is NFL Hokey games that are created in 2003 by SEGA. This game can be player maximally in 4 players by connecting 2 Xbox machine. For you who love Xbox live games racing sport, you shall better to look for Forza Motosport and Project Gotham Racing 2.

Top Xbox live games strategy and war games

The most popular Xbox live games are their strategy and battle games. One that is commonly used for championship is Call of Duty. This can be played in a team that needs strategy. It is almost like Counter Strike. For the most popular Xbox live games zombie, where we have to kill zombie and monster, you have to check for Left for Death.

The most interesting for Xbox live games is that you can play it in teal player. Using connection and LAN, you can do team vs. team player duel. For better usage, it is also suggested to buy original CD for Xbox live games.

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