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Xbox 720 in E3 2012 and relevance by Microsoft Xbox Press Conference

Xbox 720 E3 2012 in a press conference: Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2012 press conference this morning starting June 4, 2012, and long before Xbox

Nintendo Wii U ‘Locked’ by Region

The new console called Nintendo Wii U will be marketed, but it is almost certain that the console can only be used in the

WII U glance at E3 2012

After E3 2012, some of the years 2012-2013 to divulge that it would be a good year for game-providers such as Sony, Nintendo, Sega

Nintendo Wii U Release

Nintendo announces Nintendo Wii U launch scheduled for December 8, 2012. This product will be available in two versions, the basic premium and the

When are PS4, Wii U, and Xbox 720 Release Date?

PS4  also launched by Sony that will be the last console game which was after launch by two other game console manufacturer, said each device

PS4 Xbox 720 for Freak Gamers

PS4 Xbox 720 is one of the newest versions of PlayStation which is ready to give people who love to play games with the

E3 2012 will publish PS4 and Xbox 720

E3 2012 or the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2012 will take place soon. Sony and Microsoft plan to introduce Xbox 720 or often called Xbox Loop and PS4. Of course this is shocking news, especially for the PS4 that still lack the information to the public. According to a website called MCV technology, says Nintendo expressed the certainty

The new Xbox 720 the tumultuous console

The new Xbox 720 console is the next generation of Xbox game console which is prepared to be released by Microsoft to compete others

Wii U Latest Console of Nintendo

Wii U Latest Console of Nintendo will be launched at the latest by 2012. The new generation Wii U console is a complement to the