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Xbox 720 in E3 2012 and relevance by Microsoft Xbox Press Conference

Xbox 720 in E3 2012

Xbox 720 in E3 2012

Xbox 720 E3 2012 in a press conference: Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2012 press conference this morning starting June 4, 2012, and long before Xbox 720 releases have written this as a prediction even before that, here’s what I hope will convert a few rumors about the Xbox 720 E3 2013.

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), there is always a lot of speculation, such as what will be announced and what would be obtained by visitors to E3 2012. Let us face it, 50% of the exhibition is a buzz of pre-E3. The culmination of this E3 consists of the “big three” press conferences are Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s E3 2012 event on the night.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Microsoft will explain about their next-gen consoles, whether it is called the Xbox 720 or stick with the code name of Durango. Obviously, as Wii U is touting to be a trending topic of E3 2012, at least mention the details of the first replacement Xbox 360. Are these details is not a prediction? To be sure, that Microsoft will drop the specification of a minor to be more brilliant than Nintendo Wii U will. The company could even go so far as to announce Xbox 720 release.

This will also cast a shadow over the performance of the graphics are very clear Wii U 2012, which has been slammed because only minor stronger than the current generation of consoles Xbox 360 and PS3. However, you can count on Xbox 360 new multimedia applications, and integration of Kinect will be better than ever. There is talk of a new Kinect announcement will actually realize the promises made when it was first announce.

Finally, Microsoft should provide details of three Mass Effects relevant. We hope that EA wanted the Mass Effect one of the greatest trilogies in history, because there is nothing better for them to do this, in a press conference but to use than Microsoft Xbox at E3 2012. Microsoft issued panoply of hope this week in an effort to prevent their rivals from getting the upper hand at E3.

Xbox 720 consoles are popular among developers

However, the Xbox 720 is the most popular among the developer console. This is reinforcing by a survey by IGN, the developer of anonymous commented on their current work on next-gen. While 80% specified the developer, the developer asked for at least the Xbox 720 still exist barriers that would work for Nintendo Wii, according to 63% of the underground development of the most decisive. Therefore, the majority of developers see the Microsoft Xbox 720 in the next five years will be the top three Mass Effects. Therefore, it will be boring if there is no Xbox 720 at E3 2012.

Nintendo Wii U ‘Locked’ by Region

wii u

The new console called Nintendo Wii U will be marketed, but it is almost certain that the console can only be used in the country where gamers buy.

wii u
wii u

The term is most popularly referred to region lock, and indeed almost in all products are like Nintento 3DS, Wii, GameCube, N64, SNES, NES and now the Nintendo Wii U.

So obviously, gamers who buy this console in the U.S., Europe or Japan can only use it in the region.

This fact is very different to its competitors such as Sony or Microsoft which choosing different ways to ‘lock’. Both producers were fully devolved region lock the game developers, while the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 can play freely anywhere. Even the latest gaming consoles like the PS Vita does not have a region lock.

WII U glance at E3 2012

WII U glance at E3 2012

After E3 2012, some of the years 2012-2013 to divulge that it would be a good year for game-providers such as Sony, Nintendo, Sega to flood the market with their new products. As Sony is schedule to be released Sony Playstation 4 and the advent of Xbox 720, Nintendo party was also state that they will not be lost with the advent of the latest series of the Playstation, WII U will be one of the latest breakthroughs in the gaming world.

WII U glance at E3 2012

Long ruled the world, with Nintendo WII gaming platform, finally gaming provider gives leaks about the new platform are give brand name Nintendo WII U.

Nintendo WII U also explained that the will bring the latest innovations in game play, here are some features that are reveals by Nintendo in E3 2012.

The first feature is the switch, the user can easily change the location of the game display. For example, when there are users who played Zelda on the WII U, and the user wants to play with a larger size, such as in LCD TV 21?, Then the user stay swap through the screen, and the display will automatically change to the LCD TV. In conclusion, WII U has the ability to integrate with the hardware, which is use to display the existing surrounding pair.

There is another standard feature of every platform WII is integration with any device, such as the Wiimote, WIIgun, and many others, where the user has the power to change the function WII U, to the Wiimote, and vice versa.

And features that will spoil the user is a Social Networking Site, where WII U users do not just play games, but also communicating and sharing in a Social Networking Site, WII U.

This breakthrough is believed by Nintendo will be able to compete with other platforms such attacks Xbox 720 and Playstation 4.

Nintendo Wii U Release

nintendo wii u game pad

Nintendo announces Nintendo Wii U launch scheduled for December 8, 2012. This product will be available in two versions, the basic premium and the main difference lies in the sales package and color options. Here are something new in Nintendo Wii U.

nintendo wii u

nintendo wii u

1. Nintendo Wii U GamePad

nintendo wii u game pad

nintendo wii u game pad

This is the most revolutionary device on the new Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo Wii U gamepad has a 6.2 inch touch screen that can function as a second screen than on television.

But beyond that, the controller is also still retain the traditional concept, which uses a set of buttons like the + Control Pad, L / R stick, the L / R, the A / B / X / Y, the L / R, the ZL / ZR , the power button, HOME button, -/SELECT, + / START, and additional buttons for controlling the TV.

The new Nintendo Wii U gamepad also supports motion sensor controlled with accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic. Then there is a front camera, mic, stereo speakers, vibration sensor, stylus, and equipped with a Near Field Communication (NFC).

In it there is a battery with a total weight of 500 grams on the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad.

nintendo wii u game pad image

nintendo wii u game pad image

2. Additional Controller

nintendoo wii u additional control

nintendoo wii u additional control

Nintendo Wii U Console use two gamepad at once. The console also supports the use of up to four Nintendo Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, Nunchuk, Classic Controller and Wii Balance Board.

nintendo wii u additional control image

nintendo wii u additional control image

3.  HD Video

nintendo wii u video hd

nintendo wii u video hd

Nintendo Wii U capable to show high video resolution 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. The new Nintendo Wii U console is also compatible with the HDMI cable, D-Terminal Wii, Wii Component Video, Wii RGB, S-Video 5 Wii and Wii AV Stereo AV.

At the demo, Nintendo Zelda game showed off a dazzling HD version.

video hd image from nintendo wii u

video hd image from nintendo wii u

4. Hardware

nintendo wii u hardware

nintendo wii u hardware

Nintendo Wii U officially carries the IBM multi-core processor, AMD Radeon GPU and 2 GB of RAM memory. As for the storage media are various options ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB.

5. Price

nintendo wii u price

nintendo wii u price

Nintendo Wii U can connect to the internet using WiFi 802.11b/g/n and wired LAN. This console also has 4 USB 2.0 ports, two in front and two behind.

Nintendo Wii U is scheduled to go on sale December 8, 2012 in Japan. However, this product will reportedly stopped first in America in November at a price of USD 405 for the premium version, and $ 335 for the basic version.

nintendo wii u specifications

nintendo wii u specifications

When are PS4, Wii U, and Xbox 720 Release Date?


PS4  also launched by Sony that will be the last console game which was after launch by two other game console manufacturer, said each device the latest series. Which were the Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo as a strong competitor Sony?
Philippe Cardone explanation about PS4 ,Wii U and Xbox 720 release

CEO of Sony France also stated that although there are many rumors saying the PS4 this year, He said that they planned to announce it later. Because their last release was the Sony Playstation 3 with plans to wait for the announcement or release Wii U and Xbox 720 first and then announce something new like the PS4 to replace the current Wii.

“It is true that there are many rumors about the PS4, but I can not say anything,” said Philippe Cardone to LePoint, as quoted by Softpedia.

Moreover seen, the console market share decline last year; many consumers expect if Sony or Microsoft could be like Nintendo, which will release later this year Wii U. However, according to Philippe Cardone, Wii U announced soon because the market pressure.

“Wii U suppressed because of declining sales. In our case, Sony has no such pressure. We were the last to leave the PS3, we will probably be the last to announce something,” said Philippe Cardone.

Unknown when it will release PS4 game console to the market. However, the Japanese company that has been reveal, it is likely the PS4 will be launch to the market along with the Xbox 720. Just like the PS4, Xbox 720 is noisy to be discussed the latest updates from Microsoft’s console.

Is PS4 was released in 2012?

Launched by Eurogames, has many rumors when Sony and Microsoft will release these game console, with some one sure as soon as 2012 for the PS4.

Speaking to Eurogamer, PlayStation Europe CEO Jim Ryan said, “I think we will consider it significantly, as more than the competition with the PS4 next PlayStation.”

Philippe Cardone also noted, however, that there is still a lot of ‘life’ left in the PS3 and explained: “If you look at the PlayStation 2, now more than 150 million units sold globally, and why we do not repeat the same thing on the PS3.”

PS4 announcement was likely this year is also impossible because Kaz Hirai himself ago that said that the Playstation 3 has the age of 10 years, will this change? Looks like we will not see the PS4 at E3 2012.

PS4 Xbox 720 for Freak Gamers

PS4 Xbox 720

PS4 Xbox 720 is one of the newest versions of PlayStation which is ready to give people who love to play games with the more interesting experiences of gamming. It is prepared to serve all gamers in this world with gamming features which might not be had yet by the other types of gamming hardware. There will be so many advanced features which are going to be offered by this PS4 Xbox 720. People, moreover those who are game addict are going to be very excited in waiting for the existence of this PS4 Xbox 720 in market.

PS4 Xbox 720

PS4 Xbox 720 serves the latest technology

There is a type of technology which might not be had yet by the other types of game hardware but this technology has been built by the Sony to support this PS4 Xbox 720. This kind of technology is called as Wii U. this technology is the reasons why for this PS4 Xbox 720 to be able become the complements of the previous generations of PlayStation. This is what makes this gamming hardware become able in having it transition. One of the advanced features which are had by this PS4 Xbox 720   is the quality of the graphics of animation of this game hardware.

PS4 Xbox 720 has a lot to give

It can be said so for all gamers in this world will be able to experience the adventure of playing game as if they are included in Avatar movie by playing games with this PS4 Xbox 720. The quality of the graphics which is had by Avatar movie has been recognized by expert in all over the world. It has a good quality. By then, this kind of graphics is done as well by PS4 Xbox 720. This point is just one of the plus points which are going to be able to be had by people when they try to be included in the game of this game hardware. In sum, it is worthy for gamers to have their wait until 2012 for PS4 Xbox 720.

E3 2012 will publish PS4 and Xbox 720

E3 2012

E3 2012 or the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2012 will take place soon. Sony and Microsoft plan to introduce Xbox 720 or often called Xbox Loop and PS4. Of course this is shocking news, especially for the PS4 that still lack the information to the public.
E3 2012 According to a website called MCV technology, says Nintendo expressed the certainty that it will launch the Wii 2 in the Expo. If this is true, it could be E3 2012 will be very festive, in which the three next generation consoles will be compared at once in this event.

Even so, MCV honestly admit that they only have limited information about it. They still do not know what’s going to be taken and shown by Sony and Microsoft in the event. “Regarding the price, form, and when to release, only Sony and Microsoft who knows,” said representatives of the MCV. We shall see in  Electronics Entertainment Expo 2012 soon.

E3 2012 date on 5-7 June 2012

Electronics Entertainment Expo 2012 will be held on 5-7 June 2012, at Los Angeles Convention Center, US. Anyone knows if Nintendo will utilize E3 2012 event, namely the Wii U. Then, turn to Microsoft which began to introduce Xbox 720, and followed by Sony with PS4. Seeing this; I am increasingly convinced that in the year 2012, we will be able to see the original form of the actual Xbox 720 and PS4.

It is increasingly making the competition between the next-generation consoles increasingly interesting to follow in this event. Not only Xbox 720 and PS4, Nintendo Wii U also can not be considered trivial in E3 2012.

The new Xbox 720 the tumultuous console

The new Xbox 720

The new Xbox 720The new Xbox 720 console is the next generation of Xbox game console which is prepared to be released by Microsoft to compete others game console company like Sony and Nintendo. While currently Sony is also preparing its new version for Play Station and WII U is released just now, Xbox also completes its game console collection with new modern and sophisticated features than the last version. This new Xbox version will be launched as the new Xbox 720 codename.

The new Xbox 720 console and its game controller shape

The new Xbox 720 game console shape will be expected to be unique and different to the previous series. Usually the shape of Xbox formed like a ball, slimy black and silver metal square shape. But it is will be different to this new version of Xbox. According to leak information from Microsoft, the new Xbox 720 will be formed like an UFO. With six-sides which is long to the right and left side of it, this shape make this console looks modern and unique. Glossy black color covers its middle surface, and then white metal color covers around it. For the game controller, this new Xbox will use touch screen LCD to control the game. On the controller screen will display the game status which is played.

The new Xbox 720 specs and features

To increase the sale level in the market, the new Xbox 720 will install new specs power and features in it. Dual-core VGA memory and six-core processor will be used by this next generation of Xbox console. These new specs power will allow it to play high quality new version game on your flat TV at home. Wireless receiver will be a new feature which will be found in this game console. The larger hard disc memory is also used to complete the perfectness of the new Xbox 720.

Microsoft has ever announced that Xbox 360 will be a ten year game console. While this current series of Xbox is released in 2005, so that the next generation, the new Xbox 720, will be released in 2015. About the official price if it is looked from the previous series, the new Xbox 720 will be expected to be about $400 – $500.

Wii U Latest Console of Nintendo

Wii U Latest Console of Nintendo

Wii U Latest Console of NintendoWii U Latest Console of Nintendo will be launched at the latest by 2012. The new generation Wii U console is a complement to the DSi and Wii, which comes with HD graphics processors, including the content and add-on that allows users to download the application online. Thus it is clear, Nintendo is ready to build the App Store for the latest console, Wii U.

What features are contained in the latest Wii U?

Wii U version has a design similar to the old Wii Y and also have a gamepad connected in a wireless tablet, dual thumb as a joy stick as the controller. But later Wii U will play games that may be connected on to the TV.

“Wii U users are able to use existing applications on itself, like MLB TV (TV special Baseball) and others, that are contained within the Wii U controller freelance,” as written within the Daily.

As quoted within the Telegraph, Wii U itself are launched within the second half 2012. This console can replace the Wii console.

Wii U formed controller sort of a pill with a 6.2 inch screen. So Wii U will run multiple freelance applications.

Quoting sources concerned, The Daily calls unknown when Nintendo can implement a payment system app store with the points system. This can be as applicable on WiiWare and DSiWare. In fact, it’s not known whether or not the app store anyway for Nintendo Wii U can permit third party developers to include their applications. It’s like Google do within the Android Market and Apple AppStore.

Normally, Nintendo didn’t open the system, additionally to sure developers. Though Microsoft has allowed third party developers to make Xbox 720 is usually noted because the Xbox loop.

“Based on bitter expertise we’ve ever had, on the Nintendo 3DS, thus now we have a tendency to strive laborious to organize the Wii U, thus it doesn’t stumble at launch later,” said Iwata Sotaru. This is evidence that the company would begin delivering the latest Wii U after the summer, but it may be sought during 2012 holiday season arrives.