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Xbox Surface Microsoft’s New

Xbox Surface

Xbox Surface is rumors to be present in the product Microsoft. Microsoft’s announcement of a big mystery in Los Angeles, about mentioning allegations Spec sheet has emerged a new Xbox controller. However, we cannot refuse, given some more rumors that have appeared in various websites.

Xbox Surface

A leak claims made 7-inch Microsoft Surface tablets along with the stationary Xbox controller, the combination is call “Xbox Surface.” According to the specs rumored Xbox Surface, Surface controller will include an ARM processor from Texas Instruments to “Kinect workload,” IBM and a custom engine for “scale out.” It will have up to seven hours of battery life and supports a maximum resolution of 1280×720.

So which part of a combination of Surface or Xbox controller? Microsoft Surface, which first debuted in the form of a large table, and that now is the somewhat smaller and thinner made by Samsung, is a Surface multi touch computing.
Microsoft researchers said that they had been hoping to get down to the size of the tablet Surface. According to Microsoft researcher, Bill Buxton said that this could happen in 2013.

Before E3 that Microsoft rumors, has released some kind of tablet SmartGlass? Instead, company official’s show off the software application come dubbed SmartGlass, as the successor to the Xbox Companion applications this year. SmartGlass software is what will provide the user with additional information about TV shows, games, Xbox on both screens, such as tablet and Smartphone, or other content.

In addition, As Todd Bishop Geekwire Todd discovered when he looked into the trademark for SmartGlass, as referred software and hardware. Perhaps it is only an Xbox or maybe it means like the Xbox controller Surface. What would be the best way for Microsoft to try to gain an advantage over Apple’s Retina Display technology? This is to make the Xbox Surface cooler.

The Xbox 720 and PS4 Orbis console in comparison

The Xbox 720

The Xbox 720 once again come the news that hints at the specifications of Microsoft’s latest gaming console. Earlier we had heard The Xbox 720 would come in two versions: versions and basic low-power ARM that will run the application, and the main console. Further news is expecting The Xbox 720 will have two GPU that can create graphics independently of each other, and new rumors suggest that The Xbox 720 will be equipped with 16 CPU cores.

Then why the Xbox 720 use up to 16-core CPU?

The Xbox 720

In developing the Xbox 720, apparently, the next version of Microsoft Kinect will pretty much use the CPU; will use at least four CPU cores, because the Kinect latest version will have the ability to more accurately than the current version. Kinect 2 is expecting to have the capability of tracking the player any time, even to track the user’s high precision, finger movements on The Xbox 720.

Using a 16-core CPU does not seem possible at first, but the AMD dismissed it. AMD will release a 16-core Opteron chip at November. And this chip designed for use in servers forapplications that require greater performance processors, like cloud computing, also video encoding. The PS4 Orbis and The Xbox 720, Sony and Microsoft are both deny that they will show their game consoles at E3 this year’s event. And both companies are trying to make it possible and realized.

Allegedly, when the release was intend to compete with the latest generation Xbox game console, the console game The Xbox 720 with code name Durango, which is create by Microsoft. The Xbox 720 Durango also rumored to be launch in late 2013.

PS4 Orbis rumored comes faster than Xbox 720

Sony is rumor to be launching the PS4 or better known as Orbis, and will be pinning capability in collaboration with PS Vita the end of 2013. The game console will attend morequickly, but Sony is rumor to the final touches on the new console and new game will be launch at the end of next year.

PS4 Orbis console design process started several years ago and has now reached the final stage. Specifications and form of the PS4 has been sending to the big game publishers like Ubisoft. Looks like PS4 Orbis will be available in the market compared to the first The Xbox 720.

Xbox 720 Durango rumors Performance on AMD’s 7000 Chip

Xbox 720 Durango performance

Xbox 720 Durango will be claiming to be the console Xbox 720 codename. The latest Xbox 720 Durango rumors leak by Crytek, video game manufacture. This rumor firstly pointed in Twitter posting of Sean Tracy, technical artist at Crytek. After minutes, that Xbox 720 Durango tweet pulled soon.

Xbox 720 Durango performance

Xbox 720 Durango is the topic of conversation at developer summit in London. Xbox 720 Durango being interesting talks as the tweeter wrote. A few later that tweet about Xbox 720 Durango was deleted and Microsoft give the statement that can’t comment on rumors or speculation.: As an innovator that always thinking about what is next and how can push the boundaries of technology with Kinect. It is not just about the console hardware, but also about the games and entertainment experiences.

Xbox 720 Durango based on AMD’s 7000 chip

It is possible that Microsoft will reveal more about Xbox 720 Durango based on AMD’s 7000 chip in June 2013 at E3 event. E3 event is the big gaming event launches.
The latest Xbox 720 Durango based on AMD’s 7000 chip rumors indicate that consequent Xbox can pack graphics based mostly on AMD’s 7000 chip. These might bring support for DirectX11, multi-display, and 3D. However, this is terribly disappointing for several gamers who hope for a very next-gen console.

The entire lineup of HD 8000 series graphics chips for unharnessed AMD in 2013 schedule and already released. It is meaning that the GPU element of Xbox 720 Durango chip (code-named Oban) would be at the terribly least two entire generations behind. Developers claim to possess been told by multiple sources. They are from chipmakers to middleware corporations. It is to expect Xbox 720 Durango based on AMD’s 7000 chip to arrive at the gaming expo in June 2013.

Xbox 720 Durango performance rumored to be using a six-core processor (six cores), two graphics cards (GPU), and Bluray. Bluray required users to have uninterrupted internet connection. It is design to stop game piracy especially for Xbox 720 Durango performance.

Reported by VG247 the sites that have reliable sources of information, Xbox 720 Durango performance will be like two computers that are “glued”. It caused by the two GPUs and a very fast processor. As for the CPU it is called will have between four and six cores. Where there is one for the operating system and another one for Kinect motion sensor.

If this Xbox 720 Durango performance is not purchase by Kinect bundled, one core can be use for other processes. This report shows that the Kinect will be a new standard and will be incorporate as an integral part of Xbox 720 Durango performance.

Xbox 360 Kinect with the motion sensor technology

Xbox 360 Kinect

Xbox 360 Kinect reader equipped with such a motion sensor. Without any tools, people moving in front of the sensor can play Xbox 360 Kinect. The new breakthrough in game play that Microsoft released this makes the user does not need a controller. The gamer is controlling the characters in the games. With the Xbox 360 Kinect, users simply move the body, the characters in the games will follow the movement of players, ranging from the jump, punch, tilt, sit down, kicking and other movements.
Xbox 360 Kinect
During this time, the gamer may just be playing games with a joystick control, remote or controller. Microsoft wants to realize the wildest dreams of gamers with the launch of Xbox 360 Kinect. As the name implies, the company founded by Bill Gates that promises the experience of playing games without any control device.

There is a motion sensor on the Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect technology can identify an object or a person up to four players. As long as they are in front of Xbox 360 Kinect console, the sensor will receive all the movement and make it happen in real motion in the game is being play. “Microsoft is successfully realizing the dreams of gamers for real time game,” said Daniel.

There are many genres of the games that be playing in Xbox 360 Kinect. He specifies sports games and racing games are the most suitable genre is play using Kinect technology. With 250-gigabit hard drive, Daniel sure gamers will be free to store your favorite games. Not only detect the posture and body movement, Xbox 360 Kinect also comes with Facial and Voice Recognition are able to recognize faces and voices mimic gamers. In fact, other items such as roller skates can also be detected and participate in games played Xbox 360 Kinect.

However, there is a limitation of motion sensor technology has to offer Kinect. Gamers should not be wearing black, because the sensor could not read. Therefore, Daniel suggested that gamers want to wear bright when tested permissibility real-time gaming technology like Xbox 360 Kinect.

Xbox 720 6670 using AMD Radeon HD 6670 as GPU basis

Xbox 720 6670

Xbox 720 6670 is new generation Xbox 720 which is rumored using the AMD Radeon HD 6670, and is rumored to be released in the fourth quarter of 2013. This game console will have the ability to six times better than the Xbox 360 gaming console.

Xbox 720 6670

IGN earlier this week saying that the graphics card to Xbox 720 6670 will start production at the end of the year in cooperation with AMD. GPU is the ATI Radeon HD 6670 series which already supports 3D technology, 1080p picture output, DirectX 11, HD 1080p video playback, multi-display and 3D output. As reported by CNET, the latest processor generation Xbox will be pinned on AMD Radeon 6000 series, the Radeon HD 6670.

Prospects market and specifications for Xbox 720 6670

Xbox 720 6670 using AMD Radeon HD 6670 as a GPU basis, it will make the Xbox graphics is a 6-fold faster than the previous Xbox, Xbox 360. AMD Radeon HD 6670 will be priced at 80 dollars; it is expected to make prices more competitive Xbox720 from other consoles. Microsoft also has a patent that will include making Xbox 720 6670 support the DVR.

Xbox on the market despite the presence of Asia “sink” than Sony’s Playstation, but it was worth the wait Xbox 720 6670 presence to compete well with the Sony PS 4 and Nintendo Wii U. Wait, Xbox 720 6670 presence will enliven the game console market that will compete with other next-generation consoles.

Xbox 720 Information about Xbox Game Console

Xbox 720 Information

Xbox 720 information is much info which is contained anything related to Xbox 720, new game console by Microsoft. This new series of Xbox is actually under development. But so many rumor are spread out which tell about its features, shape, game controller shape, or other Xbox 720 information. The current version of Xbox namely Xbox 360 has had many incredible features built in it. And as the spread rumors, the new version which will be released soon is expected to have better features than the last version. It makes many gamers so anxious what kinds of better features that will appear.
Xbox 720 InformationXbox 720 information about its better features

Some features that will be built in this new Microsoft game console according to Xbox 720 information are it will contain six-core processor and dual-core graphic chip from AMD. Those new hardware make this game console supports numerous kinds of 3D game with high image resolution. Other Xbox 720 information said that this game console also supports Windows phone in it. The last series of Xbox have not supported Blu-Ray player yet, by this circumstance Blu-Ray player will be added in this next generation of Xbox console. The memory of hard disc will be increased larger than the current version which has supported 250 GB.

Xbox 720 information about the releasing date

Much possibility time enrich Xbox 720 information. Several Xbox forum in the internet said that 2013 become a year when this new generation game console, Xbox 720, will be launched. But others Xbox 720 information said that the current series of Xbox, Xbox 360 is still young in this world, so its new version will be delayed to appear.

With numerous new features which will be installed in Xbox 720, the official price in Xbox 720 information which mentions about $400 – $500 is perfect price to this console. The Xbox 720 information can be a reflection of the future Xbox which will be released soon.

Xbox 720 Controller is The Next Cached Similar Xbox

Xbox 720 Controller

Xbox 720 controller is one of game console feature and cached similar Xbox which need to be noticed. Commonly, the main thing of game console will be chosen by the gamer is based on its controller. The more comfort the game controller, the more popular the game console. For the next 720 controller, more comfortable controller will be an important feature.

Xbox 720 Controller

Classic Xbox 720 controller

Classic game controller which is commonly found in every game console has become basic characteristic of video game. The latest Xbox series also have used this kind of game controller as their controller. Usually to give the different characteristic with other game console brands, Microsoft created bigger Xbox 720 controller for its new game console. This big classic game controller has many control buttons on it for gaming needs. But almost all of those buttons are not useful for the gamers who prefer using the simple controller with a few control buttons. Solving this gamer’s problem, the next Xbox 720 controller will create a simple game controller which is easy to grab, operate, control with modern and sophisticated appearance.

Touch screen LCD for Xbox 720 controller

Many rumors discuss about new Xbox 720 controller. Some Xbox forum and articles displayed some suspected Xbox game controller images. One of the suspected game controllers of this new series Xbox console said that game controller with touch screen LCD will be the next Xbox 720 controller. This LCD controller will display the game status and Xbox LIVE status on it. This new touch screen LCD controller also will be the first step for Xbox succession in the market.

Those review above about the new Xbox 720 controller can be temporary view for the future Xbox 720 features. Of course it is true that there is no any information which comes from the Microsoft. This information is only a supposition for the next Xbox 720 controller.

Xbox 720 Console Price is a Fresh Breeze

Xbox 720 Console Price

Xbox 720 console price will certainly be the fresh breeze for all gamers in this world who desire to have this game hardware but they do not able to afford the normal price. They must have had their great expectation of experiencing their gamming hobby with the latest innovation of PlayStation. Since the price which is set by the company for this game hardware is quite high, then the Xbox 720 console price must be very waited as well. People will be able to have this game hardware in the lower level of price. It is because by having the Xbox 720 console price people will be able to have their money saved in larger number.
Xbox 720 Console Price

Xbox 720 console price for affordable stuff

By the moment of Xbox 720 console price, gamers will be able to have any kind of stuffs which are related to this innovation in the lower level of price which may lead them to save their money. Although they have to wait for quiet longer time for this Xbox 720 console price, they must be eager to do that. In fact, by having the normal price of this game hardware, those gamers will still have the most sensible price to be afforded. They will be able to find extra information of Xbox 720 console price from internet and they will be able to bid straight away.

Xbox 720 console price gives no worry for quality

There is nothing wrong to have the same quality of thing in the lower level of price and  those gamers should not be worry about the quality of this game hardware for they will still have the highest quality of it even they have their hardware from the Xbox 720 console price. There will be so many advantages of having Xbox 720 console price.

Xbox 720 console as the next generation of Xbox 360

Xbox 720 console

Xbox 720 consoleXbox 720 console is the next Xbox series released by Microsoft which is rumored will be launched in 2011/2012. As everybody knows that the last series of Xbox namely Xbox 360 has contained many features that make the gamers spin their head. Several features can be gotten by this game is playing game with your movement body because this game has a sensor to read the movement directly to the game. It is like you are the real character on the game. With Xbox LIVE feature, you can play with friends in over the world. From those several gorgeous features in Xbox 360, you surely can imagine about many new features which will build in the next series Xbox console namely Xbox 720 console.

Numerous new features will be in Xbox 720 console

The possible features in Xbox 720 console is 3D capability, because some last game consoles have offered this feature to support various 3D game application in it. In addition currently there are many TVs which have 3D feature to support the 3D game console. Another feature which might be included in Xbox 720 console is a large hard disc memory. It is like Xbox 360 which has provided 250 GB to make the gamers can keep their favorite game in it.

Xbox 720 console will not support Blu-Ray player

In the last series of Xbox or other game console, there is no Blu-Ray player contained in yet. It might be one of the next features that will be in Xbox 720 console, though some experts said that this Xbox new series will contain Blu-Ray player in it because Sony is a member of Blu-Ray board. But it is still not clear whether Xbox 720 console will contain Blu-Ray player or not.

This next generation of Xbox 360 console is waited by many gamers who are anxious to know about new features that will be built in it. But you have to wait about 6-7 years before Xbox 720 console is released. Because Xbox 360 needs popularity before Microsoft releases Xbox 720 console.

With many new features that might be built in it, this new Xbox series is waited by many gamers. Because Xbox 360 needs popularity before Microsoft releases Xbox 720 console, you have to wait for 6-7 years to play it.