Ps4 Xbox 720, Who Will be better?

playstation 4

Ps4 Xbox 720 will be the hottest futuristic game console on world. We all know Sonny and Microsoft have been competing for long years in digital gaming world. They develop two hottest console game devices, Microsoft with Xbox series and Sonny with Sonny Play Station. They have coolest games selection and even Sonny provides for handy gaming device with Sony PSP (PS Portable) and also Sonny Xperia (Android Mobile Phone with PS game facilities). And for their next project will be ps4 Xbox 720. Sony, who is like to launch more new products will be proud with their PS 4, but for Microsoft this Xbox 720 is their third generation for Xbox. So, it will be interesting to know more about ps4 Xbox 720.

playstation 4
playstation 4

Ps4 Xbox 720, which has newest technology?

Well, even 720 is the third generation of Xbox and Sony leads with designing 4th generation of Play Station. For people who know nothing about console game may simply judge that Play Station 4 will be the winner of ps4 Xbox 720 competitions. But, actually they will have same sophisticated and latest technology that will be planted in ps4 Xbox 720 games graphic. There is no still review for PS4 but it is true that they will emphasize more touch screen technology on both of the controller and the CD driver.

Ps4 Xbox 720 game selection

For the game selection for ps4 Xbox 720 there will be a lot of more interesting and innovative games for both the manufacturer. But, it is estimated that game for exact Play Station and exact Xbox will be still available for ps4 Xbox 720. But maybe you will have higher game lever and new concept. For example you can play Gears of Wars then you can still play it for next Xbox 720 but in better playing level.

Ps4 Xbox 720 will have special disk

Both the ps4 Xbox 720 will have special disc gaming and selection that is far different from the format of exact PS 3 and Xbox 360 new. This is because ps4 Xbox 720 will use HD game graphic technology with 3D graphics. Even, it is rumored that Xbox 720 will use Ultra High Definition gaming and Blue Ray graphic.

Both of ps4 Xbox 720 will have high technology and make great improvement in console gaming world. That will be awesome to have one of ps4 Xbox 720. Overall, you can still game exciting game experience from both ps4 Xbox 720.




Ps4 Xbox 720 will be the hottest futuristic game console on world. They will have more sophisticated features and extra gaming technology inside.

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