Xbox Surface Microsoft’s New

Xbox Surface

Xbox Surface is rumors to be present in the product Microsoft. Microsoft’s announcement of a big mystery in Los Angeles, about mentioning allegations Spec sheet has emerged a new Xbox controller. However, we cannot refuse, given some more rumors that have appeared in various websites.

Xbox Surface

A leak claims made 7-inch Microsoft Surface tablets along with the stationary Xbox controller, the combination is call “Xbox Surface.” According to the specs rumored Xbox Surface, Surface controller will include an ARM processor from Texas Instruments to “Kinect workload,” IBM and a custom engine for “scale out.” It will have up to seven hours of battery life and supports a maximum resolution of 1280×720.

So which part of a combination of Surface or Xbox controller? Microsoft Surface, which first debuted in the form of a large table, and that now is the somewhat smaller and thinner made by Samsung, is a Surface multi touch computing.
Microsoft researchers said that they had been hoping to get down to the size of the tablet Surface. According to Microsoft researcher, Bill Buxton said that this could happen in 2013.

Before E3 that Microsoft rumors, has released some kind of tablet SmartGlass? Instead, company official’s show off the software application come dubbed SmartGlass, as the successor to the Xbox Companion applications this year. SmartGlass software is what will provide the user with additional information about TV shows, games, Xbox on both screens, such as tablet and Smartphone, or other content.

In addition, As Todd Bishop Geekwire Todd discovered when he looked into the trademark for SmartGlass, as referred software and hardware. Perhaps it is only an Xbox or maybe it means like the Xbox controller Surface. What would be the best way for Microsoft to try to gain an advantage over Apple’s Retina Display technology? This is to make the Xbox Surface cooler.

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