Xbox System Update to all Members Next Week

Xbox System Update

Xbox system update will sent to some members of the Xbox Live this week at least that is according to a tweet from Major Nelson. In addition, the Xbox system update to all members next week. Do not be too eager to check out the previous Xbox. Due to the improvement and preparation behind the scenes, apparently increased the next update will increase, renewal may pave the way for some new features Microsoft announced last week at E3.

Xbox System Update

SmartGlass is one of the new features for the Xbox 360 later this year, allows users to send media from their console to a tablet or Smartphone to play. In addition, Xbox system update can display additional information when watching videos or playing games, such as drawing or playing for Madden see a map of the world while watching Game Throne.

Xbox system update also adds this time Microsoft Internet Explorer on Xbox 360, to display a web browser using a standard controller, there is even voice control Kinect or SmartGlass in the feature.

Xbox Music will also arrive on the Xbox system update this year, bringing more than 30 million songs to the new streaming service that will work on the Xbox 360 system, Windows 8 PCs, tablets and Smartphone.

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